Top 4 Features of an Event Check-in App

Top 4 Features of an Event Check-in App 1

If you are part of an event agency, you must have already heard about the event check-in app. After all, most event professionals today use different types of event solutions to organize their work better. What is an event check-in app, exactly? It is a mobile app that was designed specifically for event registration and ticketing. It is used by event organisers to allow easier and faster entry of attendees to the venue during an event.

Here are the top four features of this mobile app:

  • Easy Guest List Management

Methods such as printing guest lists are considered obsolete in light of today’s advances in event technology. One of the reasons why you should consider using an event check-in app is that it allows you to manage your guest lists very easily for all types of event. As long as registration has already been opened, the app automatically syncs with your guest list to make you manage data in real time. You can easily see which guests to expect with a touch of a button. This also eliminates chances for human error since apps are very accurate in terms of its associated processes.

  • Read QR Codes

Another top feature of the event check-in application is that it allows you to read QR codes from your attendees’ tickets. Instead of having to manually confirm the attendance of your guests, you just have to use the QR code reader. How does it work? It simply works in conjunction with a mobile device’s camera. With the touch of a button, you can open the reader straight from the app and check in attendees in as fast as two seconds!

  • Unlimited Downloads for Event Organisers

The event check-in app can also be downloaded to unlimited mobile devices. If you are holding a rather large event, you would need to equip your team with the same solution. As long as you give all your team members access to the app, all of them can use it simultaneously. You just have to make sure that all of them are connected to the internet so that data is always up-to-date.

  • Works with an Event Management Software

Lastly, the event check-in app can be synced with an event management software. If the software you are using covers registration and ticketing, all attendee data and purchases can be automatically synced to the mobile app. This means that you no longer have to import or export data to manage your guest lists. Moreover, the event check-in app can be used for all your events, making it a sustainable solution.

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