Is it Time to Call Event Agencies for Your Next Event?

Is it Time to Call Event Agencies for Your Next Event? 1

Event agencies specialise in event management for the corporate market, usually with the help of an event management website. The “corporate” market pertains to companies, charities, and non-profit organisations which run events like fundraisers, trade shows, conventions and competitions (among many others) all year round.

If you are looking for event agencies for your company, this article will give you some tips on how to go about your research.

If you’re looking for a software for your event planning needs, you may proceed to reading about event planning software.

Corporate Event Planning Agencies: In-House VS Outsource

If you are tasked to organise an event for your company, you have the choice to tap your own  in-house staff before considering outsourced corporate event planning agencies. It would all boil down to one question: does a DIY approach warrant the same level of efficiency promised by specialised events agencies?

Try to answer the following questions:

  1. Does your company or network have adequate team members to pull off all tasks related to event management?
  2. Do these members have the necessary experience and skill set to handle the type and size of event you are planning?
  3. Does any key staff member know how to negotiate with hotels, airlines, etc. for budget deals?
  4. Does any key staff member have experience in budgeting and keeping appropriate financial records?
  5. Do your team members have enough time to do all necessary preparations given their current work schedule?

If you have answered YES to all the questions, then do consider doing in-house event management. This may not only help you save money, it will also allow you to direct the event without interference from outside sources. If you have answered NO to at least one question, it may be better to hire the services of event agencies if you do not want to fall short in any aspect of the event planning process.

Is it Time to Call Event Agencies for Your Next Event? 2

Top UK Event Agencies Use the Latest Event Technologies

Now that you have an idea on who should bear the burden of the event management process, your next priority would be to consider the type of technology that will be used to organise your event. Whether you are considering your in-house staff or taking a look at the top UK event agencies, you should know that there are modern applications that automate the many processes found in the event management cycle. An example of these applications is the event management app.

These are the top four products that you need to have or that you should confirm with event agencies:

  • Event Management Software

An event management software is a generic term for a wide range of software products that automate event planning processes. This type of software may help in project management, budget management, customer relationship management (CRM), and data management. For its ingenuity, many event agencies have already discarded paper-based processes and replaced them with event management software.

  • Event Website

Most event management software vendors are trying to make their products all-inclusive. As such, you may be able to build your own event website even if you don’t have coding skills. An event website is necessary for your prospective attendees to see what your event is all about. It also gives them the opportunity to register and pay for tickets in advance. You may also be able to integrate into the same website an event scheduling software.

  • Registration and Check-in App

Event agencies have also invested in registration and check-in apps. This type of technology provides immeasurable benefits on the day of your event. It will allow your guests to register on the fly as well as allow their fast entry into the venue. With mobile apps that can scan QR codes from attendees’ tickets, checking in can be done in as fast as two seconds. Some check-in applications may also be linked to wireless printers such that badges are printed automatically after ticket confirmation.

  • 1-2-1 Meetings Application

For many conferences, delegate interaction is necessary. One event technology that capitalises on this networking aspect is the 1-2-1 meetings application whereby attendees can schedule meetings or sessions with other co-attendees. They will be able to set the time, venue, and even the agenda of the meeting through the app. All these features are offshoot functionalities of an event platform.

Services of Event Management Agencies

If you are more inclined to pay for the services of event management agencies, you must also have an idea of what their major products are. Here is a short rundown of what specialised service can do for you:

  • Onsite Logistics

Onsite logistics involve various essentials on your venue that affect the flow and schedule of your program. This may include registration, VIP management, security, speaker sourcing, decoration, and seating arrangement. These essentials are like small gears in a machine. They keep the ball rolling and that is the reason why event agencies are very meticulous with onsite logistics.

  • Planning and Development

Planning and development is one of the most vital aspects of event management. Without planning, your goals and objectives cannot be determined and it will be difficult to quantify success. Event agencies will do this for you by tailoring a plan according to your needs and expectations. They may also be able to help you with budgeting and theme development, if necessary.

  • Speakers and Entertainment

Event management agencies may also take care of speaker management and entertainment for your event. They may research who subject matter experts are in your industry and ensure that they may be able to make their attendance as speakers during the event. On the other hand, a little bit of entertainment may prolong attendee interest, especially for serious conferences. Entertainment could come in the form of performers or, with today’s technological trend, be gamification applications which your attendees can “play” on their smartphones through a mobile event application.

  • Creative Services

Creative services include the various design concepts related to your company and event branding. Event agencies may be able to help you develop a visual concept for your event, design logos, edit videos, and make neatly designed PowerPoint presentations. These mediums are important in order for you to communicate your message easily and establish your credibility as the event host.

  • Travel and Accommodation

Last but not the least, event agencies should be able to handle the travel and accommodation details of your attendees. They may be able to strike deals with airline companies and hotels, especially if your target attendee size goes above 1,000. They may be able to choose a venue that is near to the hotel as well as set up mechanisms for easier transport to and from the airport.

While the five services mentioned above are significant, they do not encapsulate the entire scope of event agencies. You can always do your own inquiry to obtain the information you are seeking for. If you are also interested to know more about event technologies, you may research on conference registration software.

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