Event Management Software for Pharmaceutical Companies

Event Management Software for Pharmaceutical Companies 1

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has grown to become a key investor in the events business. Many of their gatherings are built around the idea of improving the education and expertise of its members. Events are also a vital component of pharma marketing strategies. Some of the very best come from vendors of pharmaceutical products, as opposed to dedicated events firms – the norm in many industries.

Due to their expanding event schedules, these companies need a way of being able to keep everything organised and efficient. Event management software can assist in the delivery of both goals while saving hours of time. In most cases, it provides value by simplifying the task of staging quality, engaging events.

Multiple event support

Pharma is one of the many industries that lends itself to lots of different types of events. We have the sales meetings, where company representatives from across the world gather to one venue to talk strategy, figures and goals. Then we have conferences – attracting anywhere from around 1,000 people and more.  

The good news is that event management software can help with them all. You can use the same technology to create an app or website that features all the information around your event. Here, you can take payments for tickets, communicate with attendees and dive into the analytics of who’s attending.

Once everything has been completed, you can even store all your information pages in your event management software as templates – ready for its next edition, and the one after.

Time-saving features

Planning an event is hard work. It’s a process where, more often than not, the person in charge of its organisation could always do with ‘just one more day’ or even one more hour to finish everything up.

Thankfully, these worries are fast disappearing due to the utilisation of technology that cuts days and even weeks from an event’s planning cycle.

One of the best methods of saving time is by using automation to communicate with attendees. Nowadays, it’s possible to send booking confirmations and other messages through automatic ‘triggers’. This removes the need for a human to send the same information and allows them to pledge time towards something a bit more important.

We also have the use of customer-powered features around areas like networking, where attendees can use an app or website to request meetings with each other. Not only does this give delegates the chance to control their event experience, but it prevents the organiser from having to spend time filling other people’s schedules.

Safe and secure data

Given the importance of data security, and the rising threat posed by cyber criminals, pharma companies should only be looking at the most secure ways of housing information from their events.

This is a concern which should be noted before, during and after an event, as an attack can happen at any stage. Pharma companies need to invest in event management software with measures like peripheral security, which can prevent incidents before they’re allowed to make a full impact.

Their platform provider should offer certain guarantees, like ongoing audits to plug any holes in its vulnerability. Above all, pharma companies need to find the technology that can limit their risk of coming under attack. While few solutions can offer 100% protection against threats, the level of risk can definitely be reduced.

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